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Product Information “D 4957 Grand Oak Brown”

Wooden charm, beautifully defined. Inspired by the welcoming parquet flooring of old
ballrooms, this robust-looking laminate flooring has been given a new and full lease of life
within modern interior design. Designed as durable plank flooring in classic 3-plank decor with a
circumferential V-joint, our Ballroom laminate decor gains its playful charm, on the one hand,
from the lively effect of German oak wood. On the other hand, the visual reference to the classic
Wilhelminian era of the late 19 th century fits elegantly into every living space, no matter how
modernly staged.
The laminate panels, equipped with CLIC technology and circumferential V-joints, are
impressive with their extensive non-fade properties thanks to their fire-resistant properties and
high level of durability.

Take a look at the product specs of  “D 4957 Grand Oak Brown”

Colour tones: Medium
Surfaces/ Structure: AF (Authentic Floor)
Design: 3 Stab design
Length: 1380 mm
Width: 193 Mm
Strength: 8 mm
Class: AC5/32
Groove: V-Groove

“D 4957 Grand Oak Brown” has following characteristics

    • 5G Fold Down
    • antistatic
    • CLIC system
    • Comfortable to walk on
    • Easy-care and durable
    • Hard-wearing/pressure resistant
    • highly resistant (cigarette butts)
    • Low flammability
    • Made from renewable materials
    • Not light-sensitive
    • Resistant to wear
    • Stain-resistant
    • Suitable for underfloor heating
    • These panels have a special surface structure.
    • V-shaped groove (45°)

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