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Warmth and harmony underfoot. This studio flooring with the appearance of dark, stained hardwood planks adds a dash of rustic cosiness and homely charm to the modern living room. Astana Walnut laminate panels with an authentic country house look are captivating, and not just at first sight. A second glance reveals the subtle balance of embossing and finishing. Here you can feel as well as see the surface texturing, depth and character and is also the defining difference between up-to-trend and outdated laminate flooring. These material and surface features make Astana Walnut a first class flooring that is superior to traditional hardwood floors in terms of resistance to light, abrasion and fire. This Walnut Floor will delight all those who prefer an unrivalled authentic appearance and natural, renewable materials.


Product Type Sun
Code AS032
Dimensions 193 x 1295 mm
197 x 1205 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Decor Wood-Exotic
Surface Timberland
Locks L2C
Bevels Without Bevel
Class Info 31
Area (m²) 2,374 m²,2,499 m²